We are better together

Life together at Branch has a pretty simple rhythm. In fact, everything we do falls into one of three areas. The Weekend Gathering (& Branch Kids), Our Branch Communities (where we “grow and go” together) and the Commissional Institute (where we are all trained to lead for life).

Weekend Gathering

While some of the culture at Branch may be different from what you are used to in church, we do have a service on Sunday that should feel like home whether you have been in churches your whole life or if you are exploring faith for the first time. We meet for about an hour, but there are usually groups grabbing dinner after if you’d like to connect. There is no dress code here, but most of us wear jeans…but really, whatever you want.

Join us on Sundays at 4pm

Branch Kids

Since the first vision casting meetings for Branch Church we knew it was an honor to care for and train our children and whatever kids come through our doors. Even though we are small, you can expect your kids to be safely checked in with a badging system for parents and taught and cared for by screened volunteers. We have a younger class for 6 months to 2 years and an older class for 3 years to 7 years.


Here is just a taste of what our weekly sermons are like.

Branch Communities

What are Branch Communities?

Branch Communities are the primary means through which Branch Church connects people to a caring community, helps them grow to maturity in Christ and mobilizes people together on mission. In this sense, it’s how we do discipleship, fellowship, and mission. These communities are groups of roughly 5-15 people intentionally living on mission together through the normal rhythms of life as an expression of the Body of Christ; they are being the church in the neighborhood.

Is it a small group? Yes and no. Traditionally small groups are intended to connect people relationally while training them with the Bible. Branch Communities are small groups, but they are also covenanted together yearly to do mission. Every group seeks God about how they will fulfill the Commission in their context and makes a plan together. To learn more contact Jared@branchnj.com

Commisional Institute


The Commissional Institute is a cohort of leaders and potential leaders who study together, practice together and coach each other on how to live and lead on mission. We believe that the mission of the church involves all the members of the church body and that God has given the whole body unique gifts (not just the pastors). The aim of the CI is to train up more and more leaders for significant ministry as they continue to grow in their faith. . We want to train leaders that are sent to teach, lead other ministries and even plant new churches here or abroad. We envision this institute growing so churches around the region can send their leaders as well, to train with us for little or no cost. Together we can learn how to be effective with the Great Commission in Monmouth County.

The CI operates in a manner similar to a college. They are classes with intentional curriculum offered each season. These classes meet in the evening for about 2 hour and run between 8-12 weeks in length. There is some lecturing but the primarly mode of learning is seminar or discussion format. Students are expected to complete 2-4 hours of reading and reflections each week and come prepared to engage the material.

Upcoming classes

BI101 Introducing Biblical Interpretation starting in January

Click here to download info about the program