Realize 2025

Learn about our joint vision with FBC Red Bank

Realize Gatherings

Other than Sunday Worship Gatherings, we have 1 primary weekly touchpoint where we gather with some of our church family, study the scriptures together and pray together. There are 2 times during the week that are primarily Branch Church members. Both are held in the fireplace room in the church office building (86 Maple Ave, Red Bank, NJ).

  • Sunday @ 11:30am (immediately after service ends, so times may vary)
  • Thursday @ 6:30pm (same time as youth group and a kids min program)

There are also several similar FBC lead meetings during the week that we are welcome to attend.

Realize 2025 Website

We have developed a separate website to articulate the joint vision for Branch and FBC Red Bank. You can view it: HERE